Endre Kiss

Theory of the Globalization in the Philosophy of the Present

World Congress of Philosophy
Athen, 2013
Section: Philosophy of Globalisation

The scientific research, as well as the philosophical theory building, is confronted in global time changes to new theoretical spaces. The new spaces can occur as true tabula rasa.

In these situations, it is not always easy to decide, what the tabula rasa is really composed of. The empty space can be such as the research can sufficiently identify already the new object, but its instruments not being however sufficient – totally or partially – to investigate it. The empty space can however also emerge so, that the research cannot identify for some time the new world of the new object in the mass, that it can no longer decide, if also its original methods and instruments are really still usable. In this second case, the research come into a crisis of its self-conscious identity, which it must then get out of, only at the cost of big efforts.

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