Endre Kiss

The Great Conflict in the Modernization
(The Source of the New Problem of the Fatherland)

If we wanted to compile a history of the fatherland’s literature (Begriffsgeschichte), for the time being we would have to look into the one of the „fatherland”. A history of the semantics of fatherland can however use serious insights in the whole post-war history from the „Neue Heimat” as social democratic scandal of flats for ordinary people till Jan Troell’s splendid Swedish film THE NEW FATHERLAND and the EMIGRATION or from the German movie made-for-television FATHERLAND of the eighties till the (realsocialist) fatherland concepts of the real existing socialism. All the more complete such a historical semantics would however be, all the more clearly this wealth would appear for us, which reflexion from the intellectual achievements of the last decades is plainly missing. All the more complete this précis would be, all the more clear it would also however be, that the new semantical variants almost no longer contain these contents made a taboo, with which they were linked before 1945.

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